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1.  To encourage friendly feeling and unanimity among the members and to provide for the opportunities for interaction among the members, for facilitating the reading of articles and the delivery of lectures for the acquisition and dissemination, by any other means of useful information connected with the engineering, to promote and foster the commercial circle a higher sense of importance of systematic engineering and to encourage a greater degree of efficiency in those engaged in engineering.

2.  To watch over, promote and protect the mutual interest of members and develop the spirit of co-operation.

3.  To assist necessitous members and the dependents of deceased members, to act as treasurers and distributors of any benevolent fund or funds which the members or others may contribute for the purposes.

4.  To provide an organization for engineers and students, generally to consolidate the interests of the profession and to do all such things, as from time to time may be necessary to elevate the status and advance the interests of the profession.

5.  To subscribe, own, print, edit, possess, patent, distribute or otherwise issue bulletins, leaflets, circulars, journals, periodicals, magazines, news letters, books and or otherwise disseminate information of professional subjects of interests to profession and to inform members of notifications, circulars, clarifications, interpretation of statures by governing bodies.

6.  To endeavor and to bring about statutory legislation in any matter for the betterment of members of the profession, students of engineering and also the public.

7.  To establish an employment bureau and to assist the engineers to secure suitable employment and profession.

8.  To educate, to help and assist financially educational amongst engineers and engineering students in general and to give scholarship assistance by way of tuition fees to deserving and poor students and engineers, irrespective of any class, community, creed or sex.

9.  To extend all the above benefits to all irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

10.  To assist Alma Mater (College) in its promotion, goals and purposes and to encourage a continuing and increasing interest in the Alma Mater.